Tuesday, 22 May 2012


How'd you feel,

If one morning you wake up,

And look around;

But, there is no one in sight

You feel you are marooned

And indeed you are shipwrecked

On a remote island

No sounds but the waves breaking

Against the rocks

Or of distant birds and crickets

Dotting the eerie silence?

Pic courtesy: artcyclopedia.com

There is sweat on your brow

And fear in your guts

The sun is out now and it scorches your skin

Soon your lips are parched

Hunger and thirst invade you

Like powerful and wicked aliens from Mars

How long would you last?

Will they find you alive?

Or many years later as a skeleton of bones?

Is there any hope of survival?


You have grit,

You have faith

You can't give up so easily

God gave you precious life for a purpose

And lifting your weary arms above you

You reach out to God

And pray to Him:

"God, all that I need here

Is Internet

To connect to my friends again."


  1. Umm.. that's some subtle humor, sir.. Quite true of course in these times with Facebook, Twitter and the like :) Nicely written.

    I however was expecting the poem to go a completely different way, because the words took that dark effect up till the last three lines, and reading it aloud made it more pronounced.. so a little sad at the sudden change of effect :)

    1. Thank you. Having spent 37 years in a sea service I wanted to make it a little different than the experience of a castaway (I am sure you would have seen the movie by that name). We are now in a world where, for everything that we do, there is an expectation from the Internet; be it Wikipedia for knowledge of any kind or Google to search for anything. In our daily and routine life too, Internet is taken for granted; so much so that if we don't have access to it, we feel marooned like those sailors of yore.


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