Sunday, 27 May 2012


End of a drama,
A comedy, a farce;
The nice cosy chats we used to have.
And bartering of Love with
Your own version of Love.
No sounds, no whispers, no murmurs.
Except you who can hear
Little children playing in the street,
The ring tone of your phone.
The cackle of your innumerable friends,
The honking of cars,
The chirping of birds
The call of the milk vendor
And the squish of the newspaper
As it lands in front of your door.
Bringing you news
From far places.

I can't hear anything; nor do I try to
I have lost a few senses
I don't know how many
Since I've lost the sense to know.
But, I have to hand it to you,
You really played your part well.
I wish....
I knew
Your lines too
So I won't have mixed
Real life with acting.
I stand unmoving
Speechless and frozen
Waiting for.......


  1. Quite different from your other posts! Nice work :)

    1. Thank you. I have been passionate about stage-acting but here is a situation when you play the role in real life and someone else stage-acts.


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