Sunday, 12 September 2010


Sometimes back, on Twitter, I started a new string called 'Ever Thought Why'. The idea was to marvel at commonplace things and why do they happen the way you do. Here are some:

  • People who claim to be the most virtuous are often the worst?
  • Memories that you thought you had buried forever resurrect when you least expect them?
  • People who bring most happiness to you also hurt you the most?
  • Clouds make lovely shapes in the sky but these shapes vanish the moment you start to identify them?
  • It is easier to forgive others but very difficult to forgive yourself?
  • When buses and trains meet with accidents infants and small children often survive?
  • Life seems longer at times and shorter at others?
  • Thoughts that used to make you happy at one time, make you sad now?
  • You fume, fret and toil to get something but finally you get it without too much of effort?
  • A stashed away note, poem or story gives more joy on being re-found than when you originally read it?
  • Scorching sun lasts the whole day but that enchanting sunset over the sea gets over even before you start admiring it?
  • When you are closest to solving a problem it is exactly the time when the distractions are the most?
  • People have little time to listen to your problems; but, can talk for hours about their own?
  • The music of younger generation will always be annoying to the older generation?
  • Thirty years appear a long time when you look ahead but appear so short when you look back?
  • Butterflies are so beautiful but they never sit at the same place for any length of time?
  • When you have Time and Money you no longer have the Inclination?
  • Some days are longer than others that pass off so quickly?
  • Those we place on high pedestal often slip to the lowest levels?
  • Money is never enough!
  • We easily forget the things we want to remember but find hard to forget those we want to?
  • Most people prevaricate and come up with exalted theories when faced with the truth and facts?
  • Green grass rushes in more memories than the best plants and trees?
  • There is no higher feelig than Love but many a times it also makes you feel at your lowest?
  • The 'Possibility' of a thing occurs to us when we say "It’s not possible"?
  • When you finally come to the end you discover it is another beginning?
  • Life's always talked about as behind us whereas it is what lies ahead; where one is going is more important than where one was.
  • It takes many things to make a person happy but it takes very little to make him sad?
  • Things never work unless we make them work?
  • It is easier to give advice than to follow it?
  • A towel should ever get dirty?
  • We resolve not to see another Bollywood movie or to see a Cricket match but we always do?
  • When one makes up one's mind never to repeat a mistake one is not given another chance?
  • We call a person very interesting? Well, simply because he is a good listener?
  • People are bad when they cannot keep their word; but, when you break a promise it was unreasonable demand to start with?
  • Love too needs to be nurtured and cannot be left to itself to grow and become stronger?
  • Tears and rain have the same ingredient but the former is really more precious?
  • One can be totally alone amongst friends too; conversely, totally crowded by just one person around?
  • It requires courage to do things right away but cowardice to keep postponing it?
  • It always starts with a bang but ends with a whimper?
  • The words "next time" do not quite bring out the sincere intention but sound more as an excuse?

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