Friday, 24 June 2011


I believe that it is not just 'we are what we think'; but, also, the universe is what we think it is. Surprised? Hogwash? We often refer to it as 'magic' or 'supernatural' what we cannot understand. Those who can let their imagination take wing can 'see' and 'hear' things better than others; something that we have called ESP (Extra Sensory Perception). I have proved in this section of my blog (Virtual Reality) that even seeing is not believing; even seeing is still our imagination. So, in order to carry forward this argument, what if the saints and spiritual leaders before us had discovered that senses can get us only so far and no more; and that going beyond the senses may be the way to go. That is, the expression "are you out of your senses" may not descibe you as an idiot but as a great intellectual?

Don't get it? Well let me explain: Senses kind of 'limit' the range of our imagination or even 'knowledge', if you care to call it that. There is only an 'incremental' growth in the knowledge of the world with passage of time; even when there are such earth-shaking discoveries as atomic power and speed of electrons. So, because of this limitation, we are not able to acquire such knowledge about which we have no knowledge whatsover. In other words, you can only discover such lands and treasures that you have at least imagined them to be there. It doesn't mean all treasures and 'lands' (I am using the word 'lands' in a metaphoric sense) have been found; least of all imagined. Therefore, in our life time, we shall never imagine those things, 'treasures', 'lands' that peole will 'imagine', say, a thousand years from now.

But, what, if we were to suddenly discover a machine or tool by virtue of which we could go beyond our current imagination and discover things or treasures of future generations? Impossible? Well, I am not too sure. Leonardo da Vinci did it; Lord Rama did it; Arjuna did it.

 Probably, many of us do it but these are termed as - you guessed it - non-sensical; because, our collective sense has not (yet) taken us there.

Seen in this manner, I am convinced that there is no difference between Science, Spirituality and Mythology: the one that takes the bigger leap calls the other backward and idiotic. And who is to know which is the bigger leap? Well, our 'current' knowledge.

What happens to some of us or at least one of us who has travelled to the world beyond the year 2500 AD and lives amongst us? We don't believe but he believes because he has seen it, heard it, felt it, smelled it and spoken to it!

Let me end on a lighter note (that I frequently do) to sum up our understanding of someone else's understanding:

A man was going through the jungles of Africa and was held prisoner by cannibals. As they prepared to boil him alive and have him, he thought of scaring them with 'Magic'. He puled out a cigarette lighter (during those days the lighters were the flint-stone type) and jerked the wheel to produce a flame and turned to the cannibals and said, "See Magic". Upon this the cannibal chief responded, "It indeed is. This is the first time I have seen a lighter that worked on first go"!

We, others, and universe are what we think we, others, and universe are.

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