Sunday, 26 June 2011


Hello, everyone. I am starting a section today 'In Lighter Vein'. This is one section wherein you too can contribute your jokes/anecdotes in the Comments. I hope you will do so. Here is the first entry.

An Indian Policeman had an Indian Navy sailor as his friend. Knowing that the sailors are entitled to get liquor at cheaper rates (since some of the taxes are exempted for them), the Policeman often visited the sailor to share the latter's rum. On one occasion, the conversation veered around to peculiarities of life in the Navy. The policeman took a good swig of the free (and reputed to be unadulterated) rum and with a glint in his eye asked the sailor, "Sailor bhai (brother), you guys in the navy go for long voyages at sea, don't you?"

The sailor replied, "Yes, we do."

The policeman asked, "I am sure you leave your families behind when you go for such trips."

The sailor admitted that such was the case.

The policeman started enjoying the discomfiture of the sailor and continued after a stout refill of rum, "But, sailor bhai, you have young wives and when you leave them behind they must be very lonely."

The sailor did not want it to go on but the policeman persisted and the sailor resignedly admitted that such was the case.

Indian policemen are persistent and lecherous. And hence, the policeman continued, "Sailor bhai, young women, being as they are; they must be having unsatisfied desires."

The sailor decided to get it over with and now readily accepted that in some cases it would happen.

The policeman was coming to the crunch and said, "Sailor bhai, sorry for my saying so; but, these young women sometimes won't be able to control thmselves and actually stoop to illicit affairs."

Indian Policeman (Photo: Courtesy Indian Express)

The sailor said yes it might happen.

The policeman was now as ecstatic as he would be in his police station investigating a rape victim. He continued for the final draw, "So, sailor bhai, I am sure a lot of illegitimate children are born. What do you do with them?"

Without batting an eyelid the sailor replied, "Nothing much. We wait for them to grow up; and then we let them join the Indian Police."

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  1. I enjoyed both the jokes - the police one and the letter from wife.

    Are these jokes made up by you or you heard it from others.

    But a good joke collection anyways.


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