Sunday, 5 June 2011


I am an apolitical man. All articles in my blog and all my utterances have always been so. Baba Ramdev may have said something in the past, which appeared to be favouring one group or party. Afterall, manipulating an emerging leader by pulling him down to our level of moral and other values is a national pastime. But, despite this manipulation I believe that by and large Baba Ramdev is apolitical and has the best intersts of the nation at heart.
However, I am amused by the so called elite's opposition towards Baba Ramdev. Is it because he cannot harangue in English language? Is it because he's a common man? Our media that is ruled by the rich and the powerful has ascribed itself the power to make a demon out of a saint and vice-versa. Do they give a thought how such means of theirs help the nation?
Nearly sixty four years after independence, the fruits of a true democracy and freedom have not reached the common man (read and yet we still want to indulge in politics, mud-slinging, and above all corruption.
The indecent manner in which the government bore down on Baba Ramdev and his supporters today at the nations capital (of shame) reminded me of Lala Lajpat Rai: "Every blow aimed at me is a nail in the coffin of British imperialism." Lalaji was proved right and the British were evicted. But, soon, the British imperialism was replaced by the imperialism of the political class. It also reminded me of 'Freedom' is always hard fought; even Freedom from Corruption.
Photo: Courtesy NDTV
Baba Ramdev's forcible eviction from Delhi reminds me of a scene from 1970 movie Love Story. The scene is what a rich Oliver Barrett tells his son when he confesses to loving a commoner Jennifer, "Well, if you do, I shall not give you the time of the day". The son Ryan O'Neal responds, "Dad, you don't know the time of the day".

I feel that Corruption is really the issue. The man on the street is fed up of having to pay underhand that should be legitimately his right. That's the time of the day. I hope we all read it like that and don't get it confused by politics, personalities, biases, proclivities and innuendoes. Lets not, in our cynicism, look down on every venture to steady the boat of our nation. This is precisely what the govermnent wants to do. Lets not make their task easier by a divided house.

Baba Ramdev is an above average Indian and I, like crores of others, have immense respect for him for rekindling love within us for Yoga and our ancient heritage. However, just to defeat the cynicism, I shall support even the local bhangi if he is capable of raising voice against the rampant corruption in the Indian system.
Lets not make fun. That's an un-Indian thing to do. Lets also not get frustrated by the fact that it is a long journey. Lets take the first step and everything will follow.


  1. Its a shame...barbaric and condemnable the biggest way possible. Kapil sibbal and Digvijay Singh are the real monstrous and double standard Mascot faces of congress and Manamohan ill Singh's most corrupt government till date since independence.....guess these are the changing times ...should these politicians realise ...early the better...we are ready for this change...lets weed out corrption from our society. Lets do our bit to support this satyagrah against corruption...Vandey Matram.

  2. Ravi I am in total agreement with you on this


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