Monday, 30 May 2011


There are many serious mysteries of life; for example, whether there is God or not, where do we go after death, whether you get reward or punishment for your deeds in this world or the next, and whether you go only when your time comes or is it left to chance?

This article is not about that. This article is about those everyday mysteries of life that we cannot find answers to; or at least cannot find easy answers. Ours is a world of research on anything at all; eg, a billion dollar research on finding out what makes a woman buy what she does when she visits the mall. So, how is it that adequate reserch has not been done on the following even though, in varying degrees, these affect us all:
  • How is it that when some other child cries incessantly we find it so repugnant; however, when our own Tinku cries it is music to our ears?
  • How is it that fathers don't want their daughters to do with their dates that they themselves wanted to do with their dates when young?
  • How is it that when you think you can't take anymore life surprises you with the reminder that what you had until then were good times and the worst is yet to come?
  • How is it that there is no breeze until you open your newspaper?
  • How is it that the vehicle ahead of you is slow like a snail but the one approaching from behind is in indecent haste?
  • How is it that your dog invariably senses the mood you are in; but your spouse never does?
  • How is it that your boss decides to go home early when you have decided to work late?
  • How is it that the telephone numbers of Enquiries at Railways and Airlines are always engaged?
  • How is it that everybody you have met has lost money at the Stock Exchange?
  • How is it that guests invariably arrive early when you haven't dressed up after cooking but make you wait for hours when everything is ready?
  • How is it that when you have paid in advance the vendor finds it so hard to remember the time of delivery but his memory shows tremendous improvement if he discovers you owe him money?
  • How is it that buses are too few when you have to wait for them but the roads are littered with them when you have to drive?
  • How is it that when the electricity is there the fan hardly provides any air but after the lights go off you have problem in lighting a candle due to excessive breeze?
  • How is it that you remember the telephone number of your ex-flame even after years but have problem remembering your present number?

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