Sunday, 3 July 2011


Roger, our darling, would have been twelve today. On his birthday, my wife Lyn used to put a red ribbon around his neck. The day used to start with family prayers in front of Guru Granth Sahib and Roger would know when exactly the Prashad would be served. Feeding him Prashad on his birthday was the greatest joy we had ever experienced.

Today, as we said our prayers and distributed Prashad, we hoped in some manner Roger would get the whiff of it and taste it.

Dear Roger, now that you are with God, don't forget your family on this day that is so precious to us. I am sure you must be keeping them all busy in Heaven just looking at you, cuddling you, fussing you.

Happy Birthday, Roger. May God be with you always.

 Roger was not part of our life...he was our life. After his sudden demise, my elder son Arjun phoned me and said they had lost a brother. Roger, the sheer joy that you brought into our lives, right until your end at 1145 hrs Friday, the 13th May 11, will be everfresh since you touched our lives in a myriad happy ways. Arjun said that you would have never wanted to see us sad. We shall learn to get out of this mood at your sudden departure. We know, our darling, that you came into our lives simply to Love and Cherish. And both you and us have more love left to shower on one another when we meet next.

Until then, we shall remember, every little way of yours: how you made the whole family run to catch you when you were small. How you gave us a lick when overwhelming love came over you; how you shredded the pillow into bits thinking of it as a toy; how you ran out of the house when accidently you found the door ajar and we had to continue coaxing you with commnads of "get inside, Roger"; how you loved riding the car, Maruti Gypsy, bicycle...anything that moved; how you prepared to welcome guests coming you sat facing the kitchen when mama was readying your you knew papa was coming home even when he was miles you greeted us at the door everytime we returned from outside even when we were you never wanted to be left you loved us...and how we loved you.

We have a whole new vovabulary because of you; a routine of the day we can't get out of...we shall miss moving our hands in your fur and giving a gentle squeeze to your ears...we shall miss taking you for walks and playing with you..and hugging you and holding you tight.

 Other day, a friend asked me, Roger, why do we miss our pets so much when they go? My prompt reply: Because, unlike our friends, relatives, sons and daughters, pets don't have any independent life. Their total life is with us and for us. A dog loves us more than he loves himself.

Thank you, Roger, for teaching us how to Love.

We shall never forget you, our baby.

Here are some of our memories of you, not in any particular order:

All set to receive Prashad

How you loved to be taken for a ride, Roger?!!

Always looking for cool places.

Scared of Diwali crackers and hiding

Always loved his bath

Not liking Papa being busy in Paranayam

Enjoying music in Arjun's room
Always being where the family is

"Enjoying" a movie with Arun
Despite all the toys.....

......Papa's slippers were the favourite toys.

And Our Dearest Roger, we shall always remember you as.....

Reaching for the stars...
Come any festival or occasion, you will somehow again get into the scene and the pictures...


When we enter the house, we shall know you are waiting for us at the door.....

Wait for us, Roger; we shall join you there one day and then we shall again be a loving family together; loving one another like you taught us to.


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  2. :-) how cute!
    really its a feeling, a care, nothing can be replaced..
    love ur roger :-) me too had a its is 91days old..his name is leo

    1. You are instantly a friend of mine as anyone is who loves dogs. Give Leo a huge hug from me


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