Thursday, 21 July 2011


God, do me a great favour
Offering to you I will hike,
Let people read the stuff I put up,
And not just press the 'Like'.

Also, God, this is straight from heart,
With no offences meant,
Why don't you goad them on sometimes,
To press the button called 'Comment'?

There are others who don't even 'Like' God,
So, those who do are better;
But, whilst I like their spirit God,
I also want to see their letter.

If we are not careful, God,
We'll soon reach a time,
When people will press buttons at random,
With no real reason or rhyme.

So, let everyone who likes this post,
Tell us his own valued point;
So that rather than being one-sided,
This effort will be joint.

Who knows, while doing so,
We may actually discover the gold;
That is hidden somewhere in the heart,
But is patiently waiting to be told?

Lets have one day of the week,
When we shall actually share our thought,
And simply not press the button 'Like',
And hope to convey all we've got.


  1. It's such a fun poem to read and describes the state of mind of every blogger. Brilliant. It's the best post for 'Editorial Pick' on any blogging platform.

  2. :) humor come serious poem...
    i think god heard ur voice & send me first to comment on ur words :P

    wow!! great thinking which every bloggers deserve for it very nice penned...i enjoyed it...

    keep writing & smiling always.. :)

  3. Thanks Sowmya. God hears us in many different ways. Making someone comment on our blog post may be one of His many ways.

  4. Thanks Saru; you are very encouraging of my efforts. I appreciate that

  5. U showed my emotions in a great manner


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