Saturday, 2 July 2011


Tomorrow would have been our Roger's twelfth birthday; and this one is just appropriate:

A man invites a friend for lunch. For the sake of clarity lets call them Rahul, the one who invites; and Suraj, the one who is invited. Rahul receives Suraj at the door and notices that Suraj has arrived with his dog. The dog looks a little slovenly to Rahul but as Suraj and his dog enter, Rahul reckons he has no choice but to entertain them both.

Rahul notices that initially the dog just sits at Suraj's feet. But, soon the dog becomes active and starts going through Rahul's house, along the way dropping many a thing and upsetting the whole house in general. Rahul finds it rather strange that the dog makes his way to the kitchen and finds food for himself and is merrily carrying such food all over the house. He even jumps on the sofa and makes himself totally at home.

Later, when they are having lunch, the dog jumps on one of the chairs and helps himself to some of the food on the table.

Rahul takes all this in his stride because he doesn't want to offend Suraj. However, he is really agitated when the dog upsets a side table and Rahul's precious parcelain vase is shattered to pieces. He also does his pooh over Rahul's carpet.

So, as he sees off Suraj and the dog after the lunch, Rahul finds it difficult to hide his anger at the dog misbehaving in his house and Suraj doing nothing to discipline or control him. At the door he tells Suraj rather acidly, "Bye, Suraj, it was nice having you over. But, perhaps next time you may consider visiting me without your dog."

Suraj responds, "My dog? My dog? And all this while I thought this was your dog."

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