Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Fed up of driving on Indian roads? Frustrated with our driving habits? Well, we have a good thing going and you are either not aware of it or don't have respect for Indian values. In your hurry to denigrate us you have missed out the following:

1. India is the only country in the world where we have "environmentally friendly" roads. You are never too far from mother Nature.

Environmentally Friendly Road in Mumbai

2. If it hadn't been for these roads, people living in cities would never know what it is like staying in villages. These roads, therefore, inadvertently result in "national integration".

Village? Well, no, it is in the heart of Mumbai

3. We heard Neil Armstrong on the moon with his "one small step for me, one big leap for mankind" and wondered when would an Indian be able to say that. Now, at least in Mumbai, we say it everyday when we take our "big leap" over the craters that invariably start with a small step.

Pic courtesy Hitxp Blogzine by Gurudev

4. There are hardly any chances of meeting with accidents which can't be ruled out if one goes at crater-less roads with high speed.
5. These roads make you believe in God; indeed, several times during your journey you will think of Him. "Hey Ishwar, us paar (used to be said for our life on Earth) pahuncha de." (O' God, make me reach the other side(most Indian scriptures think of this world as an ocean that we have to cross))
6. These roads provide means of living/employment for several people including politicians, municipal councillors, contractors, labourers, and motor mechanics. Taste this:

Overheard the following conversation between two vendors of toys at Chunna Bhatti Junction:

Vendor1: Sales are really good these days. 

Vendor2: Why shouldn't they be? The traffic hardly moves and we have all the time in the world to convince motorists to buy our stuff.

Vendor1: The most favourite toy they want to buy is aeroplane. Fed up with the stalled traffic they go on flights of fancy.

Vendor2: We ought to thank the BMC guys for their generosity. 

Vendor1: Yeah, lets silently salute them for the traffic snarls year after year. However, lets not say it loud lest the guys should demand their cut as they do in everything.

Vendor2: I agree with you; ain't we sick of paying hafta (weekly bribe) to the cops?

7. In various other countries - I don't know why they call them advanced nations when we Indians are far more advanced - they have to drive to get to water sports. We in India have water sports along the way.

Pic courtesy PTI
 8. Many people in these so called advanced countries just reach their destination. Nothing great or big deal about it. For us in India reaching a destination is a celebration of sorts. Many of us want to go straight to the temples to thank the gods. Here too we have looked at the people's convenience: most of the pandals (a temporary structure) for gods are right at the roads.

A pooja pandal in the middle of the road at Turbhe (Mumbai)

9. Indian roads, just like Yoga and meditation, teach us power of concentration. Can anyone ever think of taking their eyes of the road?

10. Finally look at the "socialist" nature of these roads: between cities the upper middle class and the rich go by air. However, in a city they have to reach home just as the poor man has to reach his chawl (shanty). It is a great leveller.

Actually, anyway you look at it, the benefits far outweigh the "small inconvenience" caused to you.


  1. :) beautifully penned!

    truly(pun intended) funny

  2. hilarious post. loved the 3rd point - Neil Armstrong one...haha

    nice pictures too. they added value n beauty (or not) to the writing :)

  3. loved loved this one! indeed the indian road experience is truly unique!


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