Tuesday, 27 September 2011


When I was small, knowing the full forms/expansions of abbreviations and acronyms used to be one of the important things in GK, ie, General Knowledge. Many of us nearly failed when confronted with RSVP, UNESCO, FIFA, IOA, YMCA, WHO and the like.

Over a period of time the expansions of some of these acronyms and abbreviations have changed. New meanings have emerged.

Also, over a period of time, a number of more such organisations and their acronyms are emerging. Some of these may appear to be deceptively similar to the existing ones but look again and you will see why these are different and urgently required.

  • TSJLT        -  Traffic School for Jumping Lanes Tactics.
  • IDYTO       -   Institute for Doing Your Thing in the Open.
  • YMTA        -   Young Men Terror Association.
  • YWTA        -   Young Women Terror Association.
  • CII                Centre for Idling with Impunity.
  • MP             -   Moneyed Person.
  • MLA          -   My Livelihood Assured.
  • NETA         -   Never Easy To Arrest.
  • IACS          -   Indian Association of Compulsive Spitters.
  • HHU          -   Horny Honkers Union.

  • PTBE         -   Passing The Buck Experts.
  • BCCI         -   Bored Cricket Cribbers of India.
  • AIPRV       -   Association for Identification of Potential Rape Victims (New Delhi Based)
  • SFTPE       -   School for Foreign Travel at Public Expense.
  • ORBS        -   Organisation for Receiving Bribes Safely.
  • ADARSH  -   Army Doesn't Avert Re-appropriating Surplus Housing.
  • CMNPG    -   Centre for Making Noise to Please Gods.
  • SSSMS      -   Strikes Strikes Strikes and More Strikes.
  • EWT          -   Encroachment Without Tears.
  • USWETs    -   Useful Stripping With Eyes Techniques.
  • EJF            -   Elite Jail Friends.
  • ECM          -   Elite Cell Mates.
  • MICA        -   Member of Indian Cribbers Association.
  • POOR        -   People sans Office Or Residence.
  • PM            -    Paralysed Man. (If totally paralysed and requiring a chair then: Chairman).
These are typically Indian acronyms. However, should you want to adapt some of these to your own national conditions you have the author's permission to do so.


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