Monday, 5 September 2011


No, corruption doesn't affect me,
I am happy and satisfied,
To live in my world that I own,
Where I've smiled and cried.

I don't have to worry about netas,
Nor for the babus I care,
They can't fleece me anymore,
As I lie in my home half bare.

The election promises are fairy tales,
We don't believe in what they say and do,
My grandfather used to live here,
My grandchildren will live here too.

Pic Courtesy: Totally Cool Pix
I don't dream of the year 2050,
When we shall be world's biggest power,
Or the year when they will finally think of us,
No, Sir, we here live by the hour.

All people are born equal,
So does our religion tell us,
But, we can't be the ones they talk about,
So why simply should we make big fuss?

Only, next time you sit in your home,
And curse the gods for your bad lot,
Just think of us in our homes here,
And be thankful for what you've got.

When you crib about insipid food,
And not having anything good on telly,
Just give a thought to how we live,
And sleep mostly on empty belly.


  1. have put it down so well :)

  2. Great thought and you expressed a lifetime in your poem. Hats Off!!!

  3. The pic says it all. Those who have less know how to appreciate it. It is only those whose 'dil maange more' that crib and cry and curse. Great work!


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