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This is not an article; it is an advertisement for a new organisation that I am setting up. The organisation is called AIMS (Association of International Mood Setters). There is golden opportunity in it for any man or woman who likes the idea and joins the organisation and has the necessary potential and skills to become a Mood Setter (MS). The idea though is Copyright protected and hence you are cautioned not to try it out on your own.

Let me explain the concept of Mood Setting. Lets say one has an assignment. One plunges into the assignment without one's mood being set appropriate to the assignment. One can otherwise be very well qualified for the assignment; however, the attitude makes a lot of difference. Attitude has got two components: a fixed component based on years of conditioning that a person goes through and a variable component depending upon the mood that a person is in. The pie chart below shows the share of mood (variable component) in the overall attitude of a person.

Copyright: AIMS

The following graph brings out the importance of the variable component, ie, the mood, towards the success of an assignment.

Copyright: AIMS

It can thus be made out that mood plays an important role in success of assignments. And yet, for reasons beyond comprehension, not enough studies have been done to promote Mood Setting. AIMS intends to fill up the gap.

To easily understand the concept, take the case of an assignment of modeling. Lets say a model has to do a shoot for an ad depicting a headache or toothache or a near relative having died so as to bring out the need for an analgesic or right toothpaste or an insurance policy. In 30 seconds of the advertisement the model has to go through emotions ranging from extreme pain or sorrow to sudden joy or relief. You will say that the entire thing depends upon the acting prowess of the model. Right? Wrong. Acting prowess is the fixed skill of an individual (refer to graphs above). If one is not in the right mood, the entire shoot can be a failure.

To explain it further, lets say the model's boy friend has, that morning, accepted her persistent suggestion that she be taken out for dinner. She is on top of the world with feet hardly touching the ground. At this stage if she was to be asked to do an ad for air ballooning, she would perhaps be in the right mood. However, death of a relative or headache are far away from her buoyant mood. That's where a qualified Mood Setter comes in handy. He or she has enormous experience at Mood Setting and proceeds, as an example, as per following flow diagram (in this case the depiction is to set the mood from buoyant to pained):

Copyright: AIMS

Lets take another scenario. And here I don't mind telling you big bucks are there for the asking for the Mood Setter: A politician has to suddenly visit a flood affected area. This would involve looking sad at the plight of hundreds of countrymen who would have lost their houses, near and dear ones, livelihood, livestock etc. The politician would have never remotely come across this situation. So, even if he tries his best acting skills - which most of them do from the time of campaigning for elections onwards - he/she is unlikely to be in the appropriate mood for empathising with the victims of the flood. In today's age of media ubiquitousness, such politicians are often caught on the camera smiling to the crowds that is seen by the victims as not being in sync with the gloomy mood of the situation. That's where our Mood Setter comes in. Just ten minutes with the minister, in his plane, whilst on the way to flood-affected area, are sufficient to get the minister into the right mood. He is thus able to avoid the kind of faux pas that George Bush made when he said, "What the f__k is that?" not knowing that the microphone was on; or, of the Indian External Affairs Minister happily reading the wrong speech in the UN.

The business of Mood Setting has unlimited opportunities, at the higher levels, at the middle levels and day to day or routine levels. Let me give an example each of each level. At the higher level: lets say the Maharashtra government is toying with the idea of a new airport near Panvel (indeed they have been planning this for the last 20 years). Various surveys have been done, reports prepared, technical panels have discussed ad infinitum the feasibility, budgetary estimates made etc. So, why are we not going further than putting a board saying: Site for Airport? Once again, it would be a big mistake to think that there are such issues as environmental clearance that are keeping the coconut to be broken over launching the project. The actual reason is that the concerned people and authorities are not in the right frame of mind. In other words: not in the right mood. That is where my organisation can help. Our highly qualified mood setters, at nominal cost, can change the mood, say, within a week.

Take the middle level. Indian Cricket Team won the ODI World Cup and we were the best team in the world for Test Cricket. This means that we had the requisite skills to be the world champs. And yet, the hammering that we got in the recent tour to England made us look like nincompoops; playing cricket for the first time. What went wrong? Analysis done at AIMS shows that they were not in the right mood (they were, for example, in the IPL Mood whereas it requires a different mood altogether to play international cricket abroad). Mood Setting is really a specialised business. Our SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) have proven abilities to change the mood of any cricketing team. Team India could have very well won in England if they had consulted us.

Lastly, here is an example of a routine day-to-day level. You and family, lets say, have to visit another family whose son has topped the university in BA exam whereas your own son has failed miserably. They are celebrating and expect you to share their bubbly and happiness. Our MS will sit with you for precisely 15 mins and you would be in the right mood to visit your friend. What's more is that since you won't be moping or sulking, he is likely to stay your friend even after your visit.

Let me give one last example: your boss, for apparently no fault of yours, gave you a dressing down because of a fire or other botch-up in the premises. You feel it was uncalled for. In the evening he calls you home for dinner for the ring ceremony of his only daughter. If you continue being in the morning mood, eventually you can say goodbye to your job. Our trained Mood Setters, after they have finished with you, make it look like to you as if it is your daughter who has the ring ceremony. You don't have a daughter? Well, don't mind, you have no idea of the powers of professional mood setting.

Still not convinced to join my organisation? Well, do you know that you have come to the end of this article because I, a qualified Mood Setter, actually willed you to change your mood from murders, scams, arrests, corruption, Anna, Raja, Kalmadi, Amar Singh, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc. And I did it without charging any fees. Think of how your mood would change if you were to hire me or any of my qualified Mood Setters.

Please write your EOI (Expression Of Interest) in my organisation in the Comments below and I shall get back to you.

Mood Setting is the road to success, these days; the next best thing after Facebook and Twitter. Those who want to seek the help of AIMS in solving their inappropriate mood problems, please book on line on the AIMS portal. I shall send you a Mood Setter after we have completed the current assignments of Indian politicians, Bollywood actors, cricketers and jailed leaders.

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