Tuesday, 1 November 2011


It arose from the sea,
As vapour,
Still not fully formed as a drop.
There was unbound excitement
At being born, created
A separate entity
Proud to be by itself
Rather than mixed in the salt of the sea.

As it took shape,
Amongst millions others,
It was conscious,
As do all of us
That it would be carried
By forces beyond its control
To far places and people
To lose its identity again when it'd fall.

"Where would fate take me?"
It mused as winds carried it landwards,
"Will I fall on a tree and hang
On to the leaves for dear life?"
"Or will I fall in a pot hole on the road
To be cursed by drivers and walkers alike?"
"Or worse, on a heap of rubbish,
Carrying stench in the air?"

"If I am lucky,
I may fall on the Ganesha idol
In a procession
But then, I shall be quickly
Back into where I was born and arose:
The vastness of the sea.
My friends and I may also fall in the milkman's pot
And he'd rejoice for increased sale."

"I have no choice
But, I don't want to be part of a gutter.
God, I am small and feeble,
Be kind to me,
Let me be valued,
By myself and not
As part of the gang
Together called 'rain'."

The cloud that carried him,
Deposited him
On the cheek of a small child,
Naked and hungry,
On a street in Mumbai;
Where it mingled with a single tear
That shot from her eye
On the death of her mother in a bomb attack.

"God", it said,
Let a hundred drops fall
To wash the sin of
What man has done to man.
But, they should never
Forget that single tear from her eye.
I don't want to be born again
And again, and again, and again."


  1. I like this a lot. Only the first two stanzas appeared on my screen, and I enjoyed them, and I was pleased, as I scrolled down, to find that even better material was below. I really enjoyed the water cycle/life cycle comparison, the Ganesha idol desire, and the child in Mumbai was a very beautiful touch. This could have been sappy, but was, instead, touching and profound. Thanks.

  2. I love it...Lovely play of words...:)

  3. Nicely woven verse to bring out a social reality.


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