Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Ah, is it just a speck?
An insignificant fleck?
But, could it be so grotesque?
So as to be in a story Kafkaesque?
Or may be in theatre burlesque?
Lets just do a check:
Is it a mere stain on deck?
Or perhaps a smart Aleck?
A veritable pain-in-the-neck,
Who is not worth a peck?
What the heck, it could be a wreck,
Found whilst out on a trek.
So, from afar, when you see a speck,
Please just go closer and check.


  1. Is any speck just a speck? Or are all specks immense abysses that we are too big to see the fine details of?

  2. Thanks Stan; you got the point; that's why I advertised the poem as "kiddish" since looking at things with childlike innocence is a virtue that we let go in very early stages of life.

  3. I was trying to make all kind of rhymes with "speck" to write a nice comment but guess I don't have your talent with words :)

  4. hi
    Just stumbled into your blog as I saw your vote on appreciating one of my photoblog post on Indivine.
    You have an interesting blog there.
    I dont think this post is kiddish. It is crazy liked you have titled it! haha..enjoyed it though...


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