Sunday, 6 November 2011


The court was assembled
Splendid and majestic
People looked down
Awaiting the arrival of the King
A bugle...hushed silence...pronouncement
And then he walked in
With the edge of his robe
Held by minions behind
He took his seat
At the throne.
This is what he said:
"Last week when
I went hunting
I came across a pond
In a recess in the forest
With clear and placid waters
I looked down
And saw it all
Truth, Beauty and Perfection."

He looked down at them
Mere mortals
In the presence of the Monarch.
He laughed derisively
Enjoying his power over them
No one could deny
His having found
Truth, Beauty and Perfetion.
As he laughed
He looked horrible
Uglier than the Evil.
A far cry from
Truth, Beauty and Perfection.
But the King won't know this;
There wasn't a pond in the palace
And the king won't go hunting
Until next season
When the pond wouldn't be placid
And the water would be muddy.


  1. I'm not sure I interpret it correctly, but is this poem pointing out that we assume we are spotless and free of faults, while the reality is anything but? I have noticed that people are blind to their own faults and think all that they do is for the betterment of others, who are too naive to see it...

    Great poem, though... :)


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