Sunday, 5 December 2010


I am so unsure of myself when I glance at forecasts, horoscopes and what the stars foretell. The reason is that I don't know whether to believe or not. However, I often read the horoscopes to confirm that my experiences are - laugh if you want - according to some cosmic plan! Amongst all the forecasts, I found that the late Peter Vidal's were the truest for me. Lately, I found that the Blackberry's daily Horoscope comes close to my situation. Here is my Horoscope for today:

"You are stuck in a rut, Gemini, and the stars are urging you to dig out of it. What? You did not know you were stuck in a rut? That's the worst kind of rut - the one that you don't know you're in. If you are feeling a bit stifled or if it seems you have become lost in a particular routine, you need to shake things up. It isn't that staying this way will harm you, but going beyond your current pattern will be the first step in building a bridge that can take you to a much more attractive place. Don't be afraid of change."

It can well be argued that it is a very general statement and with a little variation can fit just about anyone. However, I am surprised at the confirmation of my current state of mind. Is there something to it afterall?

I don't know whether the total people on earth can actually be divided into just twelve categories, but, I do know that shaking things up is something that a Geminian is actually good at.

Out of all people on earth, it is probably a Geminian who can be at home singing Kishore Kumar's 'Door Ka Rahi' (Long Distance Traveller):

"Rehguzar mein kai manzilen bhi mili;
Dekh kar ek pal, dam liya phir chale.
Khushi do ghadi ki mile na mile.
Shama aarzoo ki jale na jale.

Har kadam par naye marhale the khade;
Ham chale dil chala, dil chala ham chale,
Khushi do ghadi ki......"

(On the way, I came across many a destination;
I saw, rested a while and moved on.
I may not get the joy of the moment,
I may not get to see my desire fulfilled.
At every step I found new stops,
I moved, heart moved,
Heart moved, I moved.

I know that when you move on, the criticism that hits you is that you don't care; you are heartless. Here too I know for sure that a Gemini is probably the most emotional of the lot; the most caring in his/her special way. But, a Gemini is bored with trying to make music with a violin with strings deliberately loosened to make wrong or ugly music. How many times a Gemini is expected to tighten the strings to liven up the music? Why should it be his/her complete responsibility to make things work.

In the end, the more you stick, the more you want to make it work, the more it is uncharacteristic of a Gemini.

No one understands more than a Gemini that:

Jo bhi hai bus yehi ik pal hai.
(All that is there is just this moment)


Dust thou art
and dust returnest
was not spoken of the soul.

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